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While we won't be writing our own masterpiece during the 2020 quarantine here at Shakespeare in Detroit, we can certainly read the Bard's King Lear, written in 1606 while he was in quarantine due to the bubonic plague. 

Several members of our acting company joined artists from across the continent for a robust 3-hour reading of the entire play on Zoom. 

Listen/Watch the event and let us know what you think on YouTube as we explore the digital landscape until we can gather together again. 

Shakespeare in Detroit planned to produce The Merry Wives of Windsor in July 2020 at the University of Windsor (Windsor, ON) and Campus Martius (Detroit, Mich.). Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, those plans were impeded. However, many of the cast members and guests artists from Canada and Detroit gathered together to read the script directed and edited by Lionel Walsh.

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