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What is Site-Specific Theatre?

Shakespeare in Detroit is a site-specific theatre.


But what does that mean?


Our definition of site-specific theatre is performances in the places people live, work and play.


One of the many reasons we love Detroit is because of all the beautiful structures, venues, sites, parks and other places that are a part of this city's rich architectural heritage. 


To date, we have performed in several unique, interesting spaces indoors and outdoors from Grand Circus Park and New Center Park to the former film studio The Jam Handy to the original home of the Lincoln Motor Company, now a recycling center in New Center Detroit -- Recycle Here. 


Take a look at the videos below to get some insights on the exciting work we are doing here in Detroit as showcased by Southwest Airlines in February 2015.






Othello at Slows BBQ
The Tempest on Belle Isle 
Midsummer at The Heidelberg Project
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