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how to apply

Please send a current resume and a cover letter that summarizes your qualifications as they align with the overview below. If you have examples of brands that you have helped grow in the digital space, please, note those as well. 


Please ensure both your resume and cover letter are sent as PDFs only!


The Digital Assistant is responsible for overseeing Shakespeare in Detroit's interactions with the public by implementing  content strategies for all of our social media platforms. Their primary duties will include analyzing engagement data, identifying trends in patron and member interactions and planning digital campaigns to build community online that will also create increased in-person participation and sales. 

A qualified candidate must have, at least, 3-to-5 years of experience in Social Media, Marketing and Communications for a brand. As an organization that is still quite young but possesses a proven track record of impact, we are energized to welcome someone to the team who can tell the story of where we have been but also generate new ways, synergies and energies for sharing our present story and our exciting future to come. 

MUST BE MICHIGAN-BASED. We have a 60/40 system. Sixty percent of our work and the content generated will be in rehearsals, in classrooms and behind-the-scenes in analog. However, creating a digital calendar + strategy, posting, editing and archiving our digital assets can be from the comfort of your home via remote work. 

This position is perfect for someone who is a social media and digital guru but wants to have each day look different, without being stuck behind a desk. We honor work/life balance as we anticipate the schedule to be 20-25 hours per week. 

Immediate expectations include working with our Founder to ensure online audience growth over the course of the run of As You Like It (special event), Julius Caesar (a youth production) and our upcoming TBA mainstage production. 

Must be proficient in Wix, Twitter, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Dropbox, Google Suite, Excel and able to edit and create high-quality photos and videos for social media. 


There will be a new hire probationary period for 90 days. 

The candidate will begin by March 1, 2024. 

Pay Transparency: $20 per hour (no benefits available at this time). 

Content Creation 

Create long-form videos (includng editing), reels, posts, stories, photos and more to share on social media. 

Social Media Engagement 

Interact with other similar brands, locally, and globally to build relationships and partnerships that increase impact, our audience and brand awareness. 

Digital Leadership & Experience

Demonstrate leadership by completing delegated tasks but also creating new ideas, strategies and plans for the future based on prior successes in the digital space for other upstart organizations, creative businesses and/or nonprofits. 

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