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  • What is site-specific Shakespeare?
    This means that Shakespeare in Detroit performs in the places people live, work and play.
  • Does Shakespeare in Detroit have educational programming?
    Yes, we have a program called Shakespeare STEAM which provides artistic and vocational training to Kindergarten through 12th graders in Detroit. Please visit the STEAM tab for more information.
  • How can I volunteer for Shakespeare in Detroit?
    Please email us at for more information.
  • How do I audition for Shakespeare in Detroit?
    Please visit the Employment/Auditions page (HERE) of our site for more info or email
  • Does Shakespeare in Detroit perform all year round?
    Yes. Our traditional season is September through June, including our work in schools. However, we also have a summer show, which we consider our community service, providing access to theatre for ALL. It is our goal to make sure we offer you the best possible productions as we build an organization that we hope will become a staple in the theatre community here in Michigan and a destination for theatre lovers across the globe. In addition, it is important that the company produces work that inspires new theatre patrons to support the art form and build new generations of Shakespeare fans. We will also continue to produce readings and pop-up events throughout the season to compliment our full-fledged productions.
  • How many shows has Shakespeare in Detroit produced and which plays have they been?
    We have produced fourteen high-quality productions since 2013, respectively: Othello | Season 1 Antony and Cleopatra | Season 1 A Midsummer Night’s Dream | Season 1 Romeo and Juliet | Season 1 The Tempest | Season 2 King Lear | Season 2 Macbeth | Season 2 Julius Caesar | Season 3 As You Like It (a midnight matinee in concert) | Season 3 The Merchant of Venice | Season 3 Henry V | Season 4 Hamlet | Season 4 Much Ado Para Nada | Season 5/Summer 6 Twelfth Night | Season 6 Romeo and Juliet, Youth Production | Season 7 We are excited to continue enthusiastically making our way through the canon, one show at a time.
  • Are all of Shakespeare in Detroit’s performances free of charge?
    No. Shakespeare in Detroit produces one free (admission) show each summer so that all who want to enjoy The Bard are able to do so. This can be done due to the support of sponsors. However, the rest of our season is composed of shows that charge a ticket price for admission.
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