Meet the Cast & Crew


Sam White | Director /Producer
Doran Konja | Stage Manager
Cal Schwartz | Costume Designer
Tommy Sinshack | Sound Designer
Meagen Mazur | Marketing Director
Christine Pellecchia | Production Administrator


David Galido as Antonio
Hugh Duneghy II as Bassanio
Dante Jones as Gratiano
Breon Canady as Launcelot
Morgan Breon as Shylock
Ryan Ernst as Solanio and Salerio
Dan Ross as Lorenzo and Follower of Morocco
Jarreth Jackson as Leonardo and Messenger
Laura Heikkinen as Nerissa
Jennifer Cole as Portia
Krystle Dellihue as Jessica
Madiha Tariq as the Duke
Phil Rice as Morocco and Stephano
Ramona Lucius as Gobbo and Tubal

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Cal Schwartz

Head of Wardrobe/Costume Designer - For SiD he has designed Othello, Antony and Cleopatra,King Lear and designed and directed a Midsummer Night's Dream. Cal is a product of WSU and the Moscow Art Theatre school. When he is not designing costumes for SiD or other venues he can be found in his garden talking to the plants and being grateful for being able to pursue his love of theatre as his profession. Much love to Mom, Eric and Little Bear.